Senior Secondary (Affiliated to CBSE No. 930748)


Chairman“Education is the birth right of every child". With this thought in mind we have constantly been striving to provide quality education for all kids. Our Kids school is committed to the promotion of education and human values. It strives to make students positive mental attitude and innovative in ideas.

May the child blossom into a genious, a masterpiece and a bright star, who will bring honour and fame to home, school, community, country and the entire world. We welcome you here, to a world of learning in enjoyable ways, to a world where every child is challenged to grow to his or her potential.

The motto of the Kids school is to make students self motivated, disciplined, confident and morally upright, having a spirit of sacrifice and service to nation.

The best of Montessori, Kindergarten, Play way Method and other such activities as required by the social and cultural needs of society have been adopted and adapted for the Pre-Primary School. The Pre-Primary has its own assembly, programmes for self-expression, play area, indoor activity facility and cultural activities built around festivals. The basic motive behind these activities is to encourage participation and performance of the child.

We have talented, dedicated, caring staff each of whom works very hard to ensure that the abilities of the children in our care are nurtured and carefully developed. Our teachers and teaching assistants are experienced, and work as a team to make the school a very special place, every day, for your Kids.



Managing DirectorEvery child is like a seed which has the potential to grow if it is nourished with love and care under the right guidance. In the current challenging times it is essential that children should not only excel in academics but should also develop courtesy, discipline, smart personality, social sensitivity and be imbibed with the traditional values and culture of our country. Childhood is the best time to lay the foundation of the core values essential for the overall development of the future citizen of tomorrow.

Young children are naturally curious and ready to play. Our Pre-Primary School takes a child’s curiosity and spurs it on, so our youngest students discover the joy of learning, grow in their confidence, and develop strong foundation. Home away from home, the Junior wing is a supplement to the home and not a substitute. The first five years of life are vitally important in laying the strong foundation of character and personality. Keeping this fact in view, the School is fully equipped to cater to the needs of growing children.

This being the child’s first exposure to a large school, our primary aim is to make him / her feel happy, secure and loved by providing an open, Unpressurized environment in order to create an atmosphere suitable for learning. Children are encouraged to wonder and question, and in the process make learning an exciting and fun-filled experience.

The management of PERFECT ENGLISH SCHOOL has been continuously improving the infrastructure and facilities in the campus, and also the quality of highly qualified and experienced teachers

At PERFECT ENGLISH SCHOOL, we are dedicated to exhaustive quality learning and are utterly committed to a continuous process of improvement for the benefit of the Kids. We are always open to refreshing views and suggestions which can add more values to the students of Perfect English School..



Principal“Education is not the filling of a pail But the lighting of a fire”

A pivotal role of education lies in shaping the personality of a child, who is not only equipped with 21st century skills and aptitude required for academic excellence but helping him to face challenges of life. To attain this goal the school should place the academic excellence as well as the co-curricular activities in equilibrium .Value based education coupled with modern teaching learning methods helps to develop an emotionally sound generation.

Teachers should nurture students to become live human beings by inculcating values in their teaching in the classrooms. From the ecological perspective, a child is educated by the entire environment in which he grows, which includes the parent, teachers and the society. The set of children which we produce in school determines the quality of the society. Education is the main agency for individual transformation and social change.

Our dedicated and talented teachers strive to mould good citizens who are well aware of their civic responsibilities. They appreciate and encourage their students to bring enthusiasm in their lives through agriculture and environmental protection.

We arrange visits to old age homes and orphanages every year which create compassion, love and kindness towards the poor and needy.

How to survive in the present social crisis is a big question against which our students should be strengthened. The countless activities which we organized in the campus are an attempt to enlarge their vision .We like to promote and instill secularism in the minds of the young ones curbing the obsession of religion. Our motto is to enjoy unity in diversity.